The Beloved Bench Press: A Man’s Rite of Passage


The bench press has left a profound mark in my life. I wanted to share a small glimpse of my personal journey, as well as some history behind the bench press. I also thought it would be fun to showcase some bench press legends. Enjoy!


Testosterone: A Man’s Best Friend


Testosterone plays a huge role in determining the quality of a man’s life, but when T levels are low, all kinds of things begin to go wrong. Learn testosterone basics, as well as how to test and hack your testosterone naturally.

Increase Longevity with This One Healthy Habit

Heat Therapy and Longevity

Sauna therapy has been practiced by numerous societies for hundreds of years. For some of these folks, it’s more than a health kick, it’s a way of life. While I haven’t been at this long enough to be considered a connoisseur, I’ve without a doubt become a big fan!


Vitamin C: Is it the Uncrowned King of Vitamins?

Vitamin C - The King of Vitamins

Vitamin C has been around for decades and its benefits are backed by countless studies and articles. Humans are unable to create vitamin C, so supplementation is essential (hence the name: essential vitamin). It’s an incredible tool for repairing tissue damage, reducing inflammation, and even treating cancer. My goal is to simplify some of the confusion surrounding this micronutrient so that you don’t become deficient in one of mother nature’s most powerful antioxidants.