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A Man On a Mission with Aaron Lahman

Aaron Lahman

Aaron Lahman


Aaron Lahman isn’t your average guy. His maxims are beautiful and intentional. He’s a powerful example of a man that’s allowing love, laughter, and grace to lead the way.

I hope that you maintain an open mind while reading through Aaron’s answers. Like all of us, he’s had his fair share of struggles, but Aaron’s approach to adversity and life is uniquely different than most people’s. He isn’t shy about his immense love for human beings and nature, and he’s relentless in his efforts to show the world that love conquers all.

When and where were you born?

I was born in Wabash, Indiana, on August 9th, 1981.

What is your best childhood memory?

Playing various sports with neighbor kids….frisbee, home-run derby, tennis, football in those sweet hutch uniforms from back in the day!

How would you best describe your parents, and in which ways did they influence you?

My dad is incredibly social, friendly, always ready to lend a hand to others, loves to recycle, and cares so much about the needs of the world. He gave me hundreds of foot massages when I was growing up!

“My parents taught me the art of listening.”

My mom is super warm, loving, a quiet, yet powerful leader, enjoys her alone time more than dad, she’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur and is all about family time!

My parents taught me the art of listening.

Both my parents were school counselors for 20 years. They offered all three of us kids lots of listening—to the point where we felt very safe to share all that was going on in our lives with them. We actually used to help my parents teach parenting classes in the Peoria School District, and would each take a section of the content–haha–so at ten years old, I was teaching parents (of all ages) tips that worked well in our home. It kind of gave me a noisy ego that I’ve had to quiet over the years. A skill that we taught that I believe was one of the most impactful was; SHARING TIME. As a family, we would set a timer for 2 minutes and take turns listening to one another share about our days. Everyone was silent, present, and listening.

Lastly, the piece that still inspires me about my parents is that they are both 64 years old and continue to read books to improve themselves, as well as to learn to love themselves (and others) better! They are also very open to learning from their children and their daughters-in-love.

I’m excited to see what they will create over the next 30 years!

Aaron and his Love

Did you enjoy school? What kind of student were you?

I did really like school! I mean, I had anxiety on Sunday evenings and before most tests, and I was made fun of a bit in high school, but 98% of school was great for me! I think since my parents were both in the public education system, they inspired all of us to get involved in our schools. We were active non-stop. We played sports, instruments, sang in the choir, joined Student Council, NHS, etc. I was also a gifted memorizer, and so I was able to have success in my classes. I took mostly honors classes and would work hard for my A’s. I’m not 100% sure what motivated me to have so much success as a leader on campus and in sports. I’m sure my church upbringing and friends had a lot to do with it.

I was working hard to get college scholarships. The “share times” with my family gave me a lot of self-confidence. I wanted to do as well or better than my two older siblings; Angela and Andy. My parents modeled kindness super well, and I did not enjoy disappointing them. I guess I would add that sports, Student Council, and my friendships inspired me a lot as well!

Did you have any role models growing up? What were some of their most memorable characteristics?

I was blessed with so many role models growing up! My parents definitely did an incredible job hanging out with inspiring human beings! And of course, my extended family is super loaded with loving people!

“I love my mom’s passion for learning, as well as her commitment to family.”

The first person that pops in my mind from my early days is Jean Zimmerman. She was my mom’s best friend the first six years of my life. Jean, and my mom used to take turns sharing about their lives for an hour or two. They would pass me back and forth between them as they shared their hearts, cried tears, laughed, and listened to one another. I remember when Jean died of cancer. I was 10 or so. I cried like a baby. She was so warm & loving!

My brother Andy, sister Ang(ela), and parents John & Deb, were who I spent most of my hours with. I learned to be playful and joyful from my Dad. I loved, (and still love) my mom’s passion for learning, as well as her commitment to family. Ang was strong, super fun, and an incredible leader! Andy [my brother] was my best friend, no doubt. I have always been inspired by his dedication to creating a successful life and was very grateful to have such a kind, loving older brother! For me, I have always found myself super drawn to humans who listen well, share honestly, who love others a lot, who like to learn, who Live Big, and who like to have lots of fun!

Lahman Love

How important is health to you, and what are some things you do on a daily/weekly basis to maintain good well-being?

“At 36 years old, I find myself working out six days a week”

I find health to be super important to me! My parents laid a lot of positive groundwork for all of us—teaching us a lot of techniques for our mental, emotional, and physical health. So, I remain very intentional about taking care of myself through means of listening to positive music, inspirational books and authors, asking for a listener for when I’m feeling a bit shaky, and enjoying nature. I believe that playing lots of different sports benefitted us greatly as well.

At 36 years old, I find myself working out six days a week, usually. I’ll either ride my bike along the coast, climb at our indoor rock gym, go on walks and jogs, do circuit workouts, and occasionally rock out some yoga.

I have chosen to be a vegetarian for the last 11 or so years, and it has worked out super well for my physical and mental health. I married another vegetarian; Sara. She is very passionate about body-mind-spirit health activities, so I feel like she and I both have gotten healthier during this last eight years! We eat lots of healthy, organic food, dreamy salads, avocados, smoothies, health veggie burgers, beans, nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, etc. We love using essential oils since we are seeking to be as chemical-free as we can in our homes and lives. We even make our own bathroom sprays. I use lavender essential oil for my deodorant, other oils for my cologne, and immune system supporting oils daily.

I also love to get between 7-9 hours of sleep these days!

If we were to look at Aaron’s eating habits, what would a typical day look like?


Organic oatmeal with bananas, mangos, nuts, hempseed, ground flax, chia seeds, and some peanut butter. (OR) Organic smoothies with three bananas, probably a 1/3 lb of greens, hempseed, chia seeds, mangos, strawberries, unsweetened coconut milk, Ningxia Red, MultiGreens capsules emptied into it, and occasionally a spoonful of peanut butter or sunflower seed butter.


A big plate of greens, an avocado, sauerkraut, cashew cheese, kidney or garbanzo beans, fresh dill, some organic bbq tempeh (or a veggie burger), and occasional leftovers from the night before on top.


A big plate of greens, and then a rotation (or combination) of the following: rice pasta, homemade marinara, roasted veggies, coconut curry veggies on the stove top, rice and veggies, a veggie burger, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc. My dessert is usually almond, peanut, or sunflower seed butter with a piece of organic bread, or a banana … and if I’m lucky, we will have some 85% organic dark chocolate.

What qualities do you think would serve a man well throughout his life?


  1. Developing the ability to deeply listen to someone.
  2. Self-reflecting on one’s own and/or having deep conversations with other men and women about what’s really going on inside.
  3. Get out in nature as much as possible. To breathe, appreciate the beauty around, and remember our connection to everything and everyone on this Earth.
  4. Having a willingness to LEARN HUMBLY each day—from reading or listening to audiobooks, listening to other’s life experiences, reflecting upon our experiences, watching documentaries, and traveling and learning about other cultures.
  5. Developing a deep LOVE for ourselves. Appreciating our gifts, our learning, our mistakes, our peacefulness, our willingness to improve and heal ourselves, and in loving ourselves better. I believe that we will LOVE others and the Earth Better as well.

Do you have any regrets?

“Most of my mistakes have been related to allowing my ego to reign supreme.”

Aaron and Nature
On my healing journey, I’ve learned about the harmful effects of living a life with regrets, so while I have made mistakes on my journey thus far, I must live now, and seek to walk stronger and healthier each day that I have on this Earth. However, I will say that most of my mistakes have been related to allowing my EGO to reign supreme; causing me to forget my Loving and Magical nature. I have drunk too much on occasion. I have thought about sex too much. I have been self-critical too much. I have worked too much and forgotten to breathe. I have not listened well to others. I have forgotten to wish a happy birthday to people I care about. I have judged others harshly too much. I have gotten lost in perfectionism, often.

So, no regrets over here because I know that will only hurt my body-mind-spirit wellness—just below-excellent choices that I have learned from and I continue to learn from.

What inspires you?

Humans inspire me. People who make choices to evolve, to improve, to love, to help others, to heal themselves, to heal others, to breathe, and to be present.

Nature inspires me. Flowers, the ocean, hummingbirds, trees, stars, the moon, clouds, mountains, rain, gardens, plants, healthy food, essential oils.

What do we need more of in the world?

I believe we need more humility, more compassion, more life, happiness, and communication, more self-healing, diversity, and education.

  1. HUMILITY: My relationships are most effective when I humbly admit that I may have one perspective and not the answer for everyone. Listening to others, learning from others, and refraining from being angry at others when they have different opinions than I do. Understanding that people are where they are because that’s what they have learned thus far.
  2. COMPASSION: My life is full of joy when I’m living with compassion as my guide! I believe that the more we grow and share love with others, the better off the whole world will be. In order to love others well, we need to LOVE ourselves well! I think if compassion guided companies’ decision-making processes, guided our personal choices, and guided our government’s choices, it would create systems that would completely shift the way our world presently looks. People would have healthy food, people would feel safe, people would have access to top-notch wellness support, people would have access to a place to sleep, they would have access to education and learning, and people would see more advertisements and more media inspiring them to be Loving & Compassionate.
  3. EDUCATION: (Life/Happiness/Communication/Self-Healing/Diversity): I believe that our schools worldwide ought to be focused on inspiring all students to love themselves, love others, to communicate effectively, to dream big, to heal themselves, to meditate, to take care of themselves, to respect people with different belief systems, to make healthy decisions for themselves, to appreciate the present moment, to learn methods to be more relaxed and happy, and to make wise financial decisions.

    This education would be less about telling students how they must live, but more about providing wisdom from the ages that the students can take from and apply to their lives

If you had the chance to talk to the 18-year old version of yourself, would you say to him?

You are always loved! You do not need to rush! You are worthy of relaxation! Your worth doesn’t depend upon what you produce! You are here to love! You will find peace in the present moment by choosing gratitude for every small gift you enjoy! You are magical! You are 1 of billions who are helping to make the world a better place!

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be, and why?

My dream superpower: I wish that I could touch a person’s shoulder; causing them to love everyone on this planet.

“A real man takes care of himself and heals the areas of his life that need healing.”

What’s one of the best books you ever read, and what made it so memorable?

The Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hanh. It’s a powerful read. What I recall:

At the end of the day, True Power has nothing to do with Money, Success, Fame, Sex. True Power is about being LOVE day in and day out.

Lastly, what is your definition of a real man?

A real man does 4 things:

  1. He takes care of himself and heals the areas of his life that need healing.
  2. He desires to help others improve their lives.
  3. He learns to breathe, relax, listen, dream, and share love with others.
  4. He takes time to experience joy, shows gratitude, and soaks in precious moments.

Final Thoughts

Love Rules
There are many different types of men, and we can learn something from each and every one of them. George Washington said; “Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation.”

We don’t have to be one-dimensional men. We can exemplify strength, confidence, courage, perseverance, and yes, even LOVE. Being a man carries great responsibility. Our young boys and men are watching closely. They need to understand that even a warrior needs to have compassion for others. They need to know that there’s more to life than just domination and defeat.

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